Our goal – our path – our commitment

That was our year 2021 „The whole is greater than the sum of its parts“, said the famous philosopher Aristotle. Yes, where he is right, he is right. Therefore, we adapt this important message for our Foundation and look back, after our activities and the result we were able to achieve with them. I would like to say at the outset that the goal of our foundation is to work very low-threshold for the acceptance of the topic „trans“ in large parts of society. That is a big goal that we certainly cannot achieve in a short time. But here, too, I quote a famous proverb: „The way is the goal“.

Our foundation set out on its journey in 2019. The first part of the road was paved with many bureaucratic hurdles but also with orientation, conception and team building. The past year 2021 was marked by many activities in terms of PR and public relations, which absolutely corresponds to our core objective. One major project was the foundation gala „Spectacolo Amace“ at the Captiol Theatre in Offenbach. Many celebrities and VIPs honoured us and thus our theme. First and foremost, the great Hollywood producer and best-selling author Ray Charles junior, who was very moved by the community. He has promised to take the topic „trans“ to Hollywood. WOW! This is great and a huge milestone towards our goal. A lot of our work is on social media. We regularly post our bi-weekly blog. This takes up many current issues from the community, both politically motivated and personal. Again and again we write in this blog about worldwide art projects that bring the topic of „trans“ to the fore, but we also take a look at history. At regular „Queertalk“ by our foundation president gives important people and opinion leaders a chance to speak and enriches our communication strategy. We have lively communication and cooperation with dgti e.V.. Many events that we had planned throughout the year naturally fell victim to the corona virus. From a fundraising run in May to our participation in various CSD marches, we had to forego public appearances. Nevertheless, we have participated in many

digital events or have organised and carried out corresponding campaigns. Direct counselling work and financial support for individual affected persons is not actually anchored in our foundation goals. Nevertheless, it takes place again and again in a situation-oriented manner. However, we do not communicate this publicly in order to protect the people who ask us directly for help. Many preparations for large projects that we are planning in 2022 have of course already started in 2021 and have taken up part of our working time but also financial resources. At this point, a big thank you to our Foundation President Sabina Kocherhans, who works tirelessly and forms the financial backbone of our Foundation through her commitment. She is also constantly busy convincing other people to support our foundation financially. Sabina is also firmly involved in the personnel development. New job profiles have been created and will be implemented and filled in 2022.

Entrepreneurial communication was also intensively expanded and used in 2021.

In the future, the foundation will be called upon by companies to introduce and implement diversity concepts. This activity in particular brings us a great deal closer to our goal. The fact is: we are going our way, steadily and in small, sometimes big steps. We are proud that we are removing the many stones that lie on this path together as a team and are happy about every step we take for our community and the topic of „trans“. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supports us, who talks to us and who carries our message. THANK YOU also to the entire foundation core team. You guys are TIGHT! Together we are strong!

Eure Eva-Maria Popp 
Redakteurin der SK WelcomeHome Stiftung