Welcome Ladies and THANK YOU from the heart

Born small and through the power of many hands taking responsibility, to pitch in and help together, grown up.

This or something similar is how many significant global movements have emerged. They make the world we live in a little better. Our foundation also set out on this path more than two years ago. How nice that since then many people have taken responsibility and actively support the foundation.

The great publicist Marion Dönhoff aptly describes what responsibility is all about: „We were not preached responsibility, it simply came about in the community. In this spirit, we warmly welcome our new supporters. Katharina Zürns – Lisette Paris – Michaela Raeth An old saying goes:

„Many hands make a speedy end.“ Translated to our foundation’s goal, this means: We will soon make it possible for trans* people to lead a self-determined life – without prejudice, without hostility, without exclusion. Unfortunately, a new form of headwind is currently brewing in society regarding „trans“. The feminist Alice Schwarzer feels obliged to write a book about transgender people, thereby stabbing trans* women in the back in the most vicious way. Our member of the Bundestag, Tessa Ganserer, is insulted and denigrated. Rumours are spread, fears are stirred up and the human rights of trans* people – also in Germany – are trampled underfoot. We fight against this with our means – with words, with books, with low-threshold offers, with objective information, with solidarity and cohesion – a steady drop wears away the stone and many hands make a quick end. THANK YOU to all our supporters and once again a warm welcome to our new members.

Eure Eva-Maria Popp 
Redakteurin der SK WelcomeHome Stiftung