On the occasion of IDAHOBIT on 17.05.2021 and Diversity Day on 18.05.2021, our foundation president Sabina Kocherhans was a guest for an interview at the Soroptimist International Deutschland Podcast.

A wonderful opportunity for which we as a foundation are very grateful.

And here is the link to the podcast: https://bit.ly/33Pr9gr

I too know racism & that is exactly why 👊👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

  • YES to the human being
  • YES to diversity
  • YES to a colourful world
  • YES to the community

It is the human being that counts – Now and for ALWAYS

With the first issue of the Transgender*Magazine, a long-cherished wish for me comes true. I have arrived. In my life, with the love of my life and with my dream: to set up a foundation and give back to society what it has given me. Happiness, contentment and my self-determination. As a woman, and with a dark skin colour at that, that is not a matter of course. Through friends I became aware of the transgender issue very early in my life. I have experienced trans* people being torn between their need for self-determination, their environment and their families. THAT must come to an end. I fight with everything I have for the recognition of all people. It is the person who counts!

With this in mind, I hope you enjoy reading this special magazine. It is the first edition and accompanies the first steps of SK WelcomeHome The Transgender Foundation in public.

Sabina Kocherhans

President of SK WelcomeHome The Transgender Foundation

Finally being who I am!
Finally living the way I am!

What many people take for granted, trans* people have to work hard for.

We, from SK WelcomeHome The Transgender Foundation, support people on their sometimes very hard path!

With SAT.1 documentary, in which our Ann-Kathrin Bürger talks about her life and our foundation, we are once again getting closer to our goal.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this great post, dear Ann-Kathrin.
THANK YOU to SAT.1 Team.
You have got to the heart of the matter!



With a big CharityGala, the SK WelcomeHome The Transgender Foundation started its activities last Saturday in the Reithalle in Munich.

Many stars and celebrities gathered to celebrate a lavish party together with the Swiss founder of the foundation, Sabina Kocherhans.

The foundation is committed to raising public awareness about transgender issues.

Given that two percent of the population is affected, the work of the foundation is very important. She explains what to do when children and adults come out and admit that they have the wrong body features. were born. Then they are dependent on the understanding of those around them. Teachers and supervisors, colleagues and the family must know what gender reassignment means of difficulties to be able to give the right support.

The gala was hosted by RTL Exklusiv presenter Bella Lesnik, who is herself affected. She is married to Jill Deimel – born in a female role, he now lives as a man.

The informative part of the event was moderated and designed by the founder of the foundation Sabina Kocherhans and Eva-Maria Popp, who was responsible for the concept of the foundation and the gala.

260 guests celebrated in the historic riding hall. Among them were MdL Tessa Ganserer, who started her legislative term in the Bavarian state parliament still in her role as a man and is now a woman, and Olympic athlete Balian Buschbaum, who celebrated his Olympic participation in Sydney in 2000 still in his role as a woman.

VIPs like actress Sylvia Leifheit, actress Darya Gritsyuk known from „Dahoam is dahoam“, reality actress Sabrina Lange and many others danced into a long night to the rhythms of DJane Giulia Siegel.

Transgender for president
Here we go!

Since the 1960s, Western society has been struggling to integrate various stigmatised groups of people into society. First it was the „Black is beautiful“ movement in the USA that fought for equal rights and recognition. In the 1970s, the first activists, starting from Adorno’s Frankfurt School, fought for the rights of people with disabilities and entered the arena of self-determination. In parallel, the tireless struggle of the LGBTI* community began 50 years ago with Stonewall/New York. What they all have in common is the struggle for self-determination. Every person has the right to a self-determined life. I go one step further and call the so-called normality principle the ultimate goal. Only when something is „normal“, in the sense of being taken for granted, and „no one crows about it any more“, then we have all arrived.

This is the path we are taking with the Transgender*Magazine and offer you a colourful mix of interesting topics and people.
Enjoy reading
Yours Eva-Maria Popp

Editor-in-Chief „Transgender Magazin“