Finalists Round of the European Speaker Award in Strassbourg on Sunday, 18.07.2021

Our Foundation President Sabina Kocherhans moderates the event

Our Ricarda Jasmin Schlia gives a moving speech and our „communication aunt“ Eva-Maria Popp introduces our foundation.

The crowning finale: the presentation of the Foundation Book incl. book signing with Sabina Kocherhans

The result: 300,00 EUR for the work of our foundation

We say very warmly THANK YOU to all donors, THANK YOU to „Mutti“ Gisela Traumüller for rounding up to the round sum.

THANK YOU also to the organiser, Dr Martin Emrich, for allowing us to place this important topic!

In the night from 25 to 26 March 2021, the German Bundestag passed a law banning gender reassignment surgery for intersex children.

A first step in the right direction, we think, but the „Law for the Protection of Children with Variations in Sex Development“ also still has many gaps and, despite everything, also offers cause for criticism.

Interest groups see this similarly, as the official press release of the dgti e.V. (here on the right) shows.

Let us hope that after this first step, others will follow in this right direction.

Hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung der dgti e.V. vom 26.03.2021