Since „TRANS“ has a place in the Duden, it is hard to imagine German social politics, social criticism and philosophy without it. On the one hand, there are the most important

Commemorative days, such as “International Transgender Day of Visibility“ in springtime, „Christopher Street Day“ in June and „Transgender Day of Rememberance“ in November. They are increasingly making it into the German press as well, thus attracting corresponding attention to the topic of „TRANS“. In the Duden, „TRANS“ is no more than an adjective.

According to the definition, adjectives denote properties, characteristics or peculiarities of persons, facts, states or processes. In addition, adjectives can be used to express an evaluation or a comparison. Aha interesting! Evaluations are also hidden behind adjectives. Under the term „transgender“, the Duden writes: „not identifying with the sex assigned at birth; often rejecting a binary conception of gender“. I think that is a neutral description and fortunately NOT an EVALUATION. And now back to the initial question: Is „TRANS“ a word like any other OR rather a word that provokes, that dements, that incites, that calls for contradiction? Unfortunately, there seems to be a tendency, especially in recent months, for the term to slide into a socio-political discussion that seems unbelievable and actually unthinkable. The more the topic comes to the fore and – thank God – establishes itself in society, the more pseudo-liberals and eloquent philosophers feel called upon to make their opinions known. First and foremost, Alice Schwarzer. She, who stands as a symbol for emancipation and the liberation of women – she of all people – denies trans* people the right to self-determination and dedicates an entire controversial book to this topic. Ugh! What absurd double standards. It’s a similar story with the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, who in his latest book „Wer noch kein Grau gedacht hat“ (Who hasn’t thought grey yet) takes the rainbow to task. In this disastrous line of supposedly liberal spokespersons, people from my personal environment have joined in, whom I have so far appreciated above all for their liberal ideas. So far, they have tolerated my commitment to „TRANS“ and commented little on it. Now they are crawling out of all the holes in their mental abysses and outing themselves as moralists with a raised forefinger. They take the right to do so from big names like Schwarzer and Sloterdijk. What they all have in common is that they have NEVER spoken to a trans* person. No, they judge and condemn WITHOUT knowing!

This has fatal consequences for those affected. The rudder is just turning back to anti! All the more and all the more committed WE, who have dedicated ourselves to the issue of TRANS – whether affected ourselves or „only“ interested – MUST fight for the self-determination and equality of ALL people. TRANS is ONLY an ADJECTIVE in the dictionary – WITHOUT EVALUATION.

Eva-Maria Popp

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