Neve is an artist who, as a comic artist, always manages to depict reality and the sensitivities of the people involved with her drawing pen. Neve draws high-quality comics – her illustrations holistically capture what is happening. Not many can match the sharpness with which she wields her pen. Now she has taken on her own life, which is not easy for an artist. But she has also mastered this project with flying colours. Neve has written a book in which she lets us participate in her life as a trans* woman.

The book is very moving and sometimes the reader is left breathless, because it is hard to believe that a person can endure and bear all this. Dear Neve, thank you for your openness. You have made a significant contribution to the fact that we, the SK WelcomeHome Foundation,

We have come a significant step closer to achieving our foundation goal of opening up society to the topic of trans. You are also an important pillar in our foundation team. For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And now we wish you and your book much success and sales figures that shoot through the roof.

Finally: clear recommendation to our readers. You must have this book! DEFINITIVELY


ISBN 978-3-7549-4034-1 19,95€ incl. VAT

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