Flagge der Ukraine mit Friedenstaube

The terrible war in Ukraine is an incredible burden for the population. Currently, 10 million Ukrainians are on the run, which poses many dangers for these people with maximum impact on body, mind and soul. However, there is one group of people for whom fleeing Ukraine can be life-threatening. These include trans* women. They do not find recognition. Leaving Ukraine is currently almost to impossible for trans* women. This is because most trans* women there still have a male gender entry in their passport. And men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been forbidden by the Ukrainian government to leave the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have to be ready for possible frontline missions.

But this is exactly what is life-threatening for trans* women: not only the fact that they might fall at the front. In the context of transition, trans* people reflect on themselves. And trans* women in particular then usually have dysphoria, especially in relation to their masculinity, the male body, etc. So forcing a trans* woman to carry a gun can lead to suicidal danger in the highest degree. But these are not the only possible dangers: In a country where transphobia is the rule rather than the exception, the people concerned also have a legitimate fear of assault of any kind. Lisette Rosenkranz, a committed supporter of our foundation, supported the adventurous escape of the trans* woman Zi Faámelu, which she fortunately succeeded in. Since then, Lisette and Zi Faámelu have been working tirelessly to improve the situation of trans* women who are fleeing. That’s why Zi Faámelu and Lisette appeal to our German government to put pressure on the Ukrainian side: Germany is currently supporting Ukraine immensely with arms deliveries and cash grants, which is absolutely fine in view of the Russian war of aggression. What is not okay, however, is that Ukraine accepts this aid, but on the other hand does not accept our human rights and values. In places I hear of cases of trans* women being forced to undress at the border. What is going on here at the moment is a war within a war, is an absolute inhumanity. Lisette and Zi Faàmelu will not stop their commitment until they are heard and the people concerned finally know they are safe. They are supported in their work by the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality, in short dgti e.V. Please also support the commitment of Lisette and Zi Faámelu. Talk about it and inform the media.

Many thanks

The team of SK WelcomeHome – the Transgenderfoundation

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