by Eva-Maria Popp

It was 28 June 1969 – in the Greenwich district of New York, things were taking their course that still move us today. In a bar frequented mainly by gays and transsexuals, the „lights go out,“ or rather the „post-Stonewall era“ begins – zero hour.

What happened?

The Stonewall bar on Christopher Street was a private dance club in the 1960s that catered to the LGBTI community. The party-loving people were regularly the victims of brutal and humiliating raids by a police force that was not very tolerant. On 28 June, the measure was full to the brim. 2 individual people who have been harassed once again have started to fight back vehemently. This spontaneous uprising marks a historic time marker, zero hour, and is now known as Christopher Street Day, or the entire month of June is celebrated worldwide as World Pride Month.

Especially in New York, the birthplace of World Pride Month, this event is celebrated with an unimaginable intensity and that is a good thing.

51 years ago, the activists of the Stonewall Bar pushed open the great gate to self-determination; everyone has to pass through this gate for themselves. Unfortunately, this is far from all who pass through this gate. Homophobia and various other phobias are on the rise again right now. Therefore, the all-important question is: „What can we all do about it? What can each and every one of us do about it? WE ALL MUST MAKE US STRONG FOR THE RECOGNITION OF A SELF-DEFINED LIFE.

Sabina Kocherhans, President of SK WelcomeHome the Transgender Foundation says:

„It’s the person that counts!“

No matter what colour you are, what nationality you are, what sexual orientation you have, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are transsexual, intersexual or asexual – IT IS YOU I am talking to and not a determinant.

That is why SK WelcomeHome the Transgender Foundation focuses on diversity. It stands for the fact that EVERYTHING and ALL life forms are okay. Exclusion is NOT tolerated.

In social science, this process is called the normality principle. EVERYTHING is normal, what and how the individual wants to live in a self-determined way. Respecting the right to integrity, of course.

Normal is what pleases! Whatever you like is allowed!

Every person has the right to normality.

Every person has the duty to take care to live a self-determined life in peace, freedom and tolerance.

Go through the gate of freedom and proactively and consciously hold the door open for all who follow you!

ALL go along! ALL are in! ALL join in! ALL profess a life of self-determination.

Make Stonewall 2020 the new zero hour and remember the verve of the first protagonists of the Stonewall Bar!

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