queere thoughts by Eva-Maria Popp

Talking always helps!

Talking eases the soul!

Talking to each other brings people together!

Talking to each other is the best prevention against misunderstandings!

Talking about „God and the world“ brings new impulses and new insights!

Talking about QUEER THEMES helps to soften prejudices and prepares the topic for society.

That’s why Sabina Kocherhans created the QUEER Talk – because talking about it helps!

The queer movement originated in the early sixties of the last century. Since that time, society has been struggling for equality and the right to self-determination for ALL people. The emphasis is on one’s own – deviating from heteronormativity – gender role and gender identity. The thought that the assumed constraint of heteronormativity must be dissolved and that ALL people must be allowed to live their lives with different ideas, sexual identities and gender identities in peace has a formative effect.

We are still a long way from that 60 years later. Even in the democratic and enlightened European countries, the queer issues have not yet become the norm. Politics, business and society give themselves a liberal veneer, but the legal requirements, social reality and above all the situation on the labour market speak a different language. This is especially true for trans* people who are still subject to various exclusionary and discriminatory mechanisms. Examples include the ban on blood donations or the sometimes degrading requirements for visits to the authorities.

According to the motto „Constant dripping wears the stone“ we must not let up in denouncing the existing grievances and, above all, in raising awareness and understanding among a broad section of the population. Always talk, talk, talk…..

The QUEER Talk offers the opportunity for good conversations, discussions and education twice a month. Sabine Kocherhans invites interesting people and personalities to her talk studio to give them a voice.

Interesting – innovative – creative – educational – preventive – integrative – inspiring

Save the date!


Every second Tuesday of the month

Always at 19.30

Take a look and listen under https://www.facebook.com/groups/346588696223092/

or on the website:


Have fun listening, sharing, talking AND don’t forget to pass the word!

Because talking helps!

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