Who am I?

This is the central question of ALL people. Whoever has found his/her answer to this all-important question has made it and can lead a contented, happy and successful life. For he/she lives him/herself, with all the ups and downs – ALWAYS his/her own self-chosen and self-determined life.

Not everyone achieves this dream state. Many get stuck because they live on the outside. What do the others say? Is „one“ allowed to do that? Is what I am doing right?

There is a group of people who are particularly affected by the search for identity and who usually have to do a lot more to discover and be able to live their own ME:

These are transgender people.

Their search for their own identity is made more difficult by a social environment in which the large complex of transgender issues is non-existent or barely existent.

That is why these people need a STRONG VOICE to wake up society and give the issue a presence.

The SK Welcome Home – the transgender foundation has set itself precisely this task as its goal.

To be a STRONG VOICE and to stand up to enable and support the finding of identity and the confession of one’s own being.

A STRONG VOICE needs platforms to make itself heard!

A STRONG VOICE needs a stage to be able to speak loudly and convince!

A STRONG VOICE needs cooperation and partners who carry the message into the world!

How nice that the SK WelcomeHome Foundation’s STRONG VOICE has found exactly these „must haves“ through its new cooperation with the European Speaker Award:

A platform, a stage and a strong partner.

Foundation founder Sabina Kocherhans herself won the European Speaker Award in July 2020. It would not have been „our Sabina“ if she had not seized the opportunity and drawn the attention of the prize donor, Dr Martin Emrich, to the Foundation and the Foundation theme.

Therefore, the FOUNDATION and the FOUNDATION TOPIC will be available as a STRONG VOICE at the European Speaker Award events from October onwards.

Simply great!


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