Kennt ihr das Kinderbuch vom kleinen „Ich bin Ich“?

Es ist ein Klassiker in der Kinderbuchliteratur. Dieses Buch könnte nicht besser ausdrücken, was wir uns von der SK Welcome Home Stiftung zum Ziel gesetzt haben:

Jede*r Mensch ist gut so, genau wie er ist – eben ICH bin ICH.

Per se hat diese wesentliche, wie banale Erkenntnis gar nichts mit dem Thema Transgender zu tun. Und doch ist es DAS Thema, wenn man trans* ist. 

Sich selbst zu finden und sich zu einem selbstbewussten Menschen zu entwickeln ist in jedem Leben eine Herausforderung mit Höhen und Tiefen. Trans* Kinder und trans* Personen allgemein haben es hingegen noch ein bisschen schwerer, sich selbst zu finden. Man könnte salopp sagen, sie müssen eine extra Schleife, manchmal auch mehr, drehen. Nicht wenige scheitern am Unverständnis und der Ignoranz ihrer Umgebung und geben den Kampf um die eigene Identität auf.

Das muss ein Ende haben. Lasst uns zusammen dafür kämpfen, dass jeder Mensch exakt so sein darf und so leben darf, wie er*sie es möchte. Wenn diese Einstellung zum Dogma in unserer Gesellschaft wird, dann haben wir es geschafft.

Ich bin okay, du bist okay, wir sind okay – trans* ist okay!

DANKE, dass du diese Zeilen liest und mit deinem Verständnis dazu beiträgst, dass jede*r so sein darf, wie er*sie es möchte.


That was our year 2021 „The whole is greater than the sum of its parts“, said the famous philosopher Aristotle. Yes, where he is right, he is right. Therefore, we adapt this important message for our Foundation and look back, after our activities and the result we were able to achieve with them. I would like to say at the outset that the goal of our foundation is to work very low-threshold for the acceptance of the topic „trans“ in large parts of society. That is a big goal that we certainly cannot achieve in a short time. But here, too, I quote a famous proverb: „The way is the goal“.

Our foundation set out on its journey in 2019. The first part of the road was paved with many bureaucratic hurdles but also with orientation, conception and team building. The past year 2021 was marked by many activities in terms of PR and public relations, which absolutely corresponds to our core objective. One major project was the foundation gala „Spectacolo Amace“ at the Captiol Theatre in Offenbach. Many celebrities and VIPs honoured us and thus our theme. First and foremost, the great Hollywood producer and best-selling author Ray Charles junior, who was very moved by the community. He has promised to take the topic „trans“ to Hollywood. WOW! This is great and a huge milestone towards our goal. A lot of our work is on social media. We regularly post our bi-weekly blog. This takes up many current issues from the community, both politically motivated and personal. Again and again we write in this blog about worldwide art projects that bring the topic of „trans“ to the fore, but we also take a look at history. At

regular „Queertalk“ by our foundation president gives important people and opinion leaders a chance to speak and enriches our communication strategy. We have lively communication and cooperation with dgti e.V.. Many events that we had planned throughout the year naturally fell victim to the corona virus. From a fundraising run in May to our participation in various CSD marches, we had to forego public appearances. Nevertheless, we have participated in many

digital events or have organised and carried out corresponding campaigns. Direct counselling work and financial support for individual affected persons is not actually anchored in our foundation goals. Nevertheless, it takes place again and again in a situation-oriented manner. However, we do not communicate this publicly in order to protect the people who ask us directly for help. Many preparations for large projects that we are planning in 2022 have of course already started in 2021 and have taken up part of our working time but also financial resources. At this point, a big thank you to our Foundation President Sabina Kocherhans, who works tirelessly and forms the financial backbone of our Foundation through her commitment. She is also constantly busy convincing other people to support our foundation financially. Sabina is also firmly involved in the personnel development. New job profiles have been created and will be implemented and filled in 2022.

Entrepreneurial communication was also intensively expanded and used in 2021.

In the future, the foundation will be called upon by companies to introduce and implement diversity concepts. This activity in particular brings us a great deal closer to our goal. The fact is: we are going our way, steadily and in small, sometimes big steps. We are proud that we are removing the many stones that lie on this path together as a team and are happy about every step we take for our community and the topic of „trans“. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who supports us, who talks to us and who carries our message. THANK YOU also to the entire foundation core team. You guys are TIGHT! Together we are strong!

Born small and through the power of many hands taking responsibility, to pitch in and help together, grown up.

This or something similar is how many significant global movements have emerged. They make the world we live in a little better. Our foundation also set out on this path more than two years ago. How nice that since then many people have taken responsibility and actively support the foundation.

The great publicist Marion Dönhoff aptly describes what responsibility is all about: „We were not preached responsibility, it simply came about in the community. In this spirit, we warmly welcome our new supporters. Katharina Zürns – Lisette Paris – Michaela Raeth An old saying goes:

„Many hands make a speedy end.“ Translated to our foundation’s goal, this means: We will soon make it possible for trans* people to lead a self-determined life – without prejudice, without hostility, without exclusion. Unfortunately, a new form of headwind is currently brewing in society regarding „trans“. The feminist Alice Schwarzer feels obliged to write a book about transgender people, thereby stabbing trans* women in the back in the most vicious way. Our member of the Bundestag, Tessa Ganserer, is insulted and denigrated. Rumours are spread, fears are stirred up and the human rights of trans* people – also in Germany – are trampled underfoot. We fight against this with our means – with words, with books, with low-threshold offers, with objective information, with solidarity and cohesion – a steady drop wears away the stone and many hands make a quick end. THANK YOU to all our supporters and once again a warm welcome to our new members.

Neve is an artist who, as a comic artist, always manages to depict reality and the sensitivities of the people involved with her drawing pen. Neve draws high-quality comics – her illustrations holistically capture what is happening. Not many can match the sharpness with which she wields her pen. Now she has taken on her own life, which is not easy for an artist. But she has also mastered this project with flying colours. Neve has written a book in which she lets us participate in her life as a trans* woman.

The book is very moving and sometimes the reader is left breathless, because it is hard to believe that a person can endure and bear all this. Dear Neve, thank you for your openness. You have made a significant contribution to the fact that we, the SK WelcomeHome Foundation,

We have come a significant step closer to achieving our foundation goal of opening up society to the topic of trans. You are also an important pillar in our foundation team. For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And now we wish you and your book much success and sales figures that shoot through the roof.

Finally: clear recommendation to our readers. You must have this book! DEFINITIVELY


ISBN 978-3-7549-4034-1 19,95€ incl. VAT

The terrible war in Ukraine is an incredible burden for the population. Currently, 10 million Ukrainians are on the run, which poses many dangers for these people with maximum impact on body, mind and soul. However, there is one group of people for whom fleeing Ukraine can be life-threatening. These include trans* women. They do not find recognition. Leaving Ukraine is currently almost to impossible for trans* women. This is because most trans* women there still have a male gender entry in their passport. And men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been forbidden by the Ukrainian government to leave the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have to be ready for possible frontline missions.

But this is exactly what is life-threatening for trans* women: not only the fact that they might fall at the front. In the context of transition, trans* people reflect on themselves. And trans* women in particular then usually have dysphoria, especially in relation to their masculinity, the male body, etc. So forcing a trans* woman to carry a gun can lead to suicidal danger in the highest degree. But these are not the only possible dangers: In a country where transphobia is the rule rather than the exception, the people concerned also have a legitimate fear of assault of any kind. Lisette Rosenkranz, a committed supporter of our foundation, supported the adventurous escape of the trans* woman Zi Faámelu, which she fortunately succeeded in. Since then, Lisette and Zi Faámelu have been working tirelessly to improve the situation of trans* women who are fleeing. That’s why Zi Faámelu and Lisette appeal to our German government to put pressure on the Ukrainian side: Germany is currently supporting Ukraine immensely with arms deliveries and cash grants, which is absolutely fine in view of the Russian war of aggression. What is not okay, however, is that Ukraine accepts this aid, but on the other hand does not accept our human rights and values. In places I hear of cases of trans* women being forced to undress at the border. What is going on here at the moment is a war within a war, is an absolute inhumanity. Lisette and Zi Faàmelu will not stop their commitment until they are heard and the people concerned finally know they are safe. They are supported in their work by the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality, in short dgti e.V. Please also support the commitment of Lisette and Zi Faámelu. Talk about it and inform the media.

Many thanks

The team of SK WelcomeHome – the Transgenderfoundation

Since „TRANS“ has a place in the Duden, it is hard to imagine German social politics, social criticism and philosophy without it. On the one hand, there are the most important

Commemorative days, such as “International Transgender Day of Visibility“ in springtime, „Christopher Street Day“ in June and „Transgender Day of Rememberance“ in November. They are increasingly making it into the German press as well, thus attracting corresponding attention to the topic of „TRANS“. In the Duden, „TRANS“ is no more than an adjective.

According to the definition, adjectives denote properties, characteristics or peculiarities of persons, facts, states or processes. In addition, adjectives can be used to express an evaluation or a comparison. Aha interesting! Evaluations are also hidden behind adjectives. Under the term „transgender“, the Duden writes: „not identifying with the sex assigned at birth; often rejecting a binary conception of gender“. I think that is a neutral description and fortunately NOT an EVALUATION. And now back to the initial question: Is „TRANS“ a word like any other OR rather a word that provokes, that dements, that incites, that calls for contradiction? Unfortunately, there seems to be a tendency, especially in recent months, for the term to slide into a socio-political discussion that seems unbelievable and actually unthinkable. The more the topic comes to the fore and – thank God – establishes itself in society, the more pseudo-liberals and eloquent philosophers feel called upon to make their opinions known. First and foremost, Alice Schwarzer. She, who stands as a symbol for emancipation and the liberation of women – she of all people – denies trans* people the right to self-determination and dedicates an entire controversial book to this topic. Ugh! What absurd double standards. It’s a similar story with the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, who in his latest book „Wer noch kein Grau gedacht hat“ (Who hasn’t thought grey yet) takes the rainbow to task. In this disastrous line of supposedly liberal spokespersons, people from my personal environment have joined in, whom I have so far appreciated above all for their liberal ideas. So far, they have tolerated my commitment to „TRANS“ and commented little on it. Now they are crawling out of all the holes in their mental abysses and outing themselves as moralists with a raised forefinger. They take the right to do so from big names like Schwarzer and Sloterdijk. What they all have in common is that they have NEVER spoken to a trans* person. No, they judge and condemn WITHOUT knowing!

This has fatal consequences for those affected. The rudder is just turning back to anti! All the more and all the more committed WE, who have dedicated ourselves to the issue of TRANS – whether affected ourselves or „only“ interested – MUST fight for the self-determination and equality of ALL people. TRANS is ONLY an ADJECTIVE in the dictionary – WITHOUT EVALUATION.

Eva-Maria Popp

In this article we introduce you to our new cooperation partner Svenja Beck.

She deals intensively with the topic of „toxic relationships“.

We are happy, dear Svenja, that we have found each other. Your topic is incredibly important for our society, because it can affect everyone.

We at the SK WelcomeHome Foundation stand for introducing taboo topics to society. Toxic relationships are still a taboo subject. They are characterised by incredible violence and emotional dependence. The families affected often hide behind a wall of silence and shame. They think they are alone in dealing with the issue and do not know that so many others are also affected. Toxic relationships destroy lives, destroy families, destroy children and partners. They poison EVERYTHING, especially people’s self-confidence and ability to act.

It is our duty to make the topic of „toxic relationship“ known in society and to speak openly about it. Only in this way can the wall of icy silence be broken. Thank you Svenja for your commitment. You can find more information on the topic at

by Eva-Maria Popp

It was 28 June 1969 – in the Greenwich district of New York, things were taking their course that still move us today. In a bar frequented mainly by gays and transsexuals, the „lights go out,“ or rather the „post-Stonewall era“ begins – zero hour.

What happened?

The Stonewall bar on Christopher Street was a private dance club in the 1960s that catered to the LGBTI community. The party-loving people were regularly the victims of brutal and humiliating raids by a police force that was not very tolerant. On 28 June, the measure was full to the brim. 2 individual people who have been harassed once again have started to fight back vehemently. This spontaneous uprising marks a historic time marker, zero hour, and is now known as Christopher Street Day, or the entire month of June is celebrated worldwide as World Pride Month.

Especially in New York, the birthplace of World Pride Month, this event is celebrated with an unimaginable intensity and that is a good thing.

51 years ago, the activists of the Stonewall Bar pushed open the great gate to self-determination; everyone has to pass through this gate for themselves. Unfortunately, this is far from all who pass through this gate. Homophobia and various other phobias are on the rise again right now. Therefore, the all-important question is: „What can we all do about it? What can each and every one of us do about it? WE ALL MUST MAKE US STRONG FOR THE RECOGNITION OF A SELF-DEFINED LIFE.

Sabina Kocherhans, President of SK WelcomeHome the Transgender Foundation says:

„It’s the person that counts!“

No matter what colour you are, what nationality you are, what sexual orientation you have, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are transsexual, intersexual or asexual – IT IS YOU I am talking to and not a determinant.

That is why SK WelcomeHome the Transgender Foundation focuses on diversity. It stands for the fact that EVERYTHING and ALL life forms are okay. Exclusion is NOT tolerated.

In social science, this process is called the normality principle. EVERYTHING is normal, what and how the individual wants to live in a self-determined way. Respecting the right to integrity, of course.

Normal is what pleases! Whatever you like is allowed!

Every person has the right to normality.

Every person has the duty to take care to live a self-determined life in peace, freedom and tolerance.

Go through the gate of freedom and proactively and consciously hold the door open for all who follow you!

ALL go along! ALL are in! ALL join in! ALL profess a life of self-determination.

Make Stonewall 2020 the new zero hour and remember the verve of the first protagonists of the Stonewall Bar!

Racism and exclusion is always and everywhere

Thought-provoking impulses by Eva-Maria Popp

June 2020 is a month that will have a similar significance in history as the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. This special month will be forever linked to the horrific crime of George Floyd and the demonstrations against racism around the world.

Floyd’s death definitely marks a turning point in the latent or overt racist treatment of people of colour in America and around the globe.

Society experienced a similar turning point in June 1969 with the riots and protests around Stonewall.

Both times it is about exclusion, about humiliation, about hatred, about power and about violence against „others“ and „the other“.

The cult figure „Sylvia Rivera“, the brave drag queen and transwoman with Puerto Rican-Venezuelan roots, who broke the camel’s back with her courageous action in the Stonewall Bar, unites all facets of racism. As a CoP and trans woman, she has experienced double exclusion and human disappointment throughout her life.

I cannot imagine a braver woman than Sylvia Rivera.

She was one of the first activists to fight for gay and trans rights on all fronts. She earned her living through prostitution, as there was hardly any other option for transwomen at that time. With the money she earned, she supported transsexual teenage homeless people.

In 1970, she founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) to support homeless Draq Queens and trans people.

It is particularly tragic that she has repeatedly come into conflict with the mainstream of the LGBT movement. Rivera was very involved in the Gay Activist Alliance. However, the members of this movement distanced themselves from the transgender movement. They refused to support when it came to enforcing rights for trans people. A personal, bitter slap in the face of Sylvia Rivera, who lived as a drag queen for a long time and was herself a transwoman.

She had to experience that white homosexual men suddenly acted as if they were worth more than trans people and CoP.

There it was again – „the other“!

You are different! You are not one of us! We are the better ones!

These incidents took place in the 70s and 80s of the last century. One would hope that this exclusionary and demeaning thinking and behaviour would thus be a thing of the past for a long time. But far from it:

We still experience it today in the LGBTI community. There are trans people who stand up and get upset about drag queens:

„We are the good ones, the right ones! You are different!“

My conclusion:
„The Other“ is a soul monster and must be conquered.

Only when we realise that we all have something in common that unites us!


What colour our skin is, what nationality we belong to, whether we are man or woman, intersexual, asexual, transsexual, short or tall, fat or skinny……..Who cares?

Let us take a leaf out of the book of a great woman who deserves our respect:

Sylvia Rivera

She is a great role model for me.

She was brave, she was human, she helped, she fought, she had no prejudices.

„It’s the person that counts,“ says our Foundation President Sabina Kocherhans.

Sylvia Rivera has lived and acted according to this motto.

It is good to see that the memory of the great campaigner Sylvia Rivera is upheld by naming a street in New York.

Sylvia Rivera Street is a late honour for a woman to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. She showed us all how it’s done.

Her remarkable journey through life and her fight for drag queens AND trans people must be our role model. It is our obligation to follow it and finally defeat „the OTHER“ in our own thinking and actions.

You are responsible for transforming „YOUR OTHERS“ into „OUR TOGETHER“.

queere thoughts by Eva-Maria Popp

Talking always helps!

Talking eases the soul!

Talking to each other brings people together!

Talking to each other is the best prevention against misunderstandings!

Talking about „God and the world“ brings new impulses and new insights!

Talking about QUEER THEMES helps to soften prejudices and prepares the topic for society.

That’s why Sabina Kocherhans created the QUEER Talk – because talking about it helps!

The queer movement originated in the early sixties of the last century. Since that time, society has been struggling for equality and the right to self-determination for ALL people. The emphasis is on one’s own – deviating from heteronormativity – gender role and gender identity. The thought that the assumed constraint of heteronormativity must be dissolved and that ALL people must be allowed to live their lives with different ideas, sexual identities and gender identities in peace has a formative effect.

We are still a long way from that 60 years later. Even in the democratic and enlightened European countries, the queer issues have not yet become the norm. Politics, business and society give themselves a liberal veneer, but the legal requirements, social reality and above all the situation on the labour market speak a different language. This is especially true for trans* people who are still subject to various exclusionary and discriminatory mechanisms. Examples include the ban on blood donations or the sometimes degrading requirements for visits to the authorities.

According to the motto „Constant dripping wears the stone“ we must not let up in denouncing the existing grievances and, above all, in raising awareness and understanding among a broad section of the population. Always talk, talk, talk…..

The QUEER Talk offers the opportunity for good conversations, discussions and education twice a month. Sabine Kocherhans invites interesting people and personalities to her talk studio to give them a voice.

Interesting – innovative – creative – educational – preventive – integrative – inspiring

Save the date!


Every second Tuesday of the month

Always at 19.30

Take a look and listen under

or on the website:

Have fun listening, sharing, talking AND don’t forget to pass the word!

Because talking helps!